From:ken lee
Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: black rims
Response to:953
Date:Tue Apr 26 07:58:10 2005
Hello Steve , I see you need my glasses , they are fitted
with rear wheel sirens , the dark light on their left is
probably a blue light AND Perry as far as having Black
wheels as cream would show the dirt ?? wot colour are the
guards and tank ?? !!!! I recon more likely they thought
cream wheels with white paintwork looks 'orrible , good
wishes to all , TTFN , Ken

...and they all appear to be fitted with jiffy stands and
extra light(s) - what's the black circle on the left - siren
aybe? I guess if you ordered this many, the factory would
change/add whatever the customer asked for but the options
would not necessarily become 'optional extras' available to

  Eagle eyed, Bent from Norway, pointed out to me that the
bikes are equipped with right hand shifters!  Great
observation Bent! ... Perry

  I just harvested that photo from the eBay auction and have
ed it to the black wheel rim page:
According to the caption below the photo, ratsown *is* Rat
from Harbour Vintage.  If the ultimate purchaser is out
there and wants to email me a higher resolution scan after
they receive it, it would be appreciated (and I'd update the
e with it of course).  Or just have it sent directly to
me for safe keeping ;-) ... Perry

Hi Marty,

Ratstown is not Rat's ebay handle.  Besides, if Rat had this
o I'd have owned it by now.  Anyway, getting back to
black rims, several things should be considered.  Police
colors like white and silver were not listed in the catalogs
ealer bulletins but were obviously offered.  Chuck's
original Indianapolis police bike is silver with silver
rims.  Remember, police orders were fleet orders and were
accomodated.  As is the case, it is up to any owner of a
bike in judging who deviates from the norm to prove the
anomoly.  Thus it would take a dealer order requesting black
ls to prove they were offered to the public.  Remember,
Henderson parts, including wheels, were produced well into
the 1930's.  I have some parts that appear NOS that are cad
plated.  My KL has original black 18" rims but I know these
were wheels John Scharle bought in the later '30's.  I'd
still like to see a dealer order.

I just love the subject of black rims [since mine are black
and I love to harass one of my dear friends, big Steve].
E-bay has an original Chicago Police Department pic of 12
bikes and guess what- the rims are black. If they custom
painted for a police department, it seems logical you could
special order them this way as a civilian. Given that cream
was standard, but has anyone ever come up with an order
blank that can prove you could not order black? This is the
third posting I have now seen with black rims although each
was a police department. Big Steve- is Ratsown[the lister]
of Harbor Vintage our buddy Rat? Maybe you could get him to
send a copy to the site before he mails it to the winner
[five days left]. Marty