From:Marty Megregian
Subject:black rims
Date:Sun Apr 24 18:55:03 2005
I just love the subject of black rims [since mine are black
and I love to harass one of my dear friends, big Steve].
E-bay has an original Chicago Police Department pic of 12
bikes and guess what- the rims are black. If they custom
painted for a police department, it seems logical you could
special order them this way as a civilian. Given that cream
was standard, but has anyone ever come up with an order
blank that can prove you could not order black? This is the
third posting I have now seen with black rims although each
was a police department. Big Steve- is Ratsown[the lister]
of Harbor Vintage our buddy Rat? Maybe you could get him to
send a copy to the site before he mails it to the winner
[five days left]. Marty