From:russell hughes
Subject:Small Bevel Gears
Date:Thu Apr 14 23:47:01 2005
I'm interested in buying the small small bevel spiral gear
for the Delux and KJ's if someone has at least one to part
I will be building a new engine and I need most of the
internal organs for it. 

 For those of you who read this and remember the emotional
episode I experienced and expressed on the KJ Exchange with
my bike smoking, the smoke has almost stopped and the
overreation was due to a back injury where my doctor put me
on OXYCONTIN. If you are not familiar with the drug, it
makes you act unnaturally.  Trust me stay off of it if
possible!  If you don't beleive me, just ask someone who has
been on it. P.S. i'm making new upper cases. The tooling is
almost finished and the component has been cast.