From:Steve Marks
Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Whats the best oilto use
Response to:911
Date:Fri Mar 4 04:47:28 2005
Oh dear - things seem to be getting a bit heated - shame. 

Can I suggest a compromise? Take the engine out, drop the
lower case, inspect and clean it all out as best you can,
then reassemble. Better than pouring gas into the closed
case without any idea of what it's doing though not as good
as a full strip, check and overhaul - you pays your money
and takes your choice. Of course following this suggestion
means you might uncover some other problem at the same time
but then if the problem exists it's better to find it this

My philosophy on how to restore vintage bikes (or anything
in life really):
1 Talk (a little) and listen (a lot) to everyone
2 Ask their opinions and reasons for doing things their way
3 Be grateful for their help (and let them know it)
4 Realise that the cheapest option probably also has the
greatest risk of failing!
5 Think over all the options and then make your own mind up
what you want to do
6 If you follow one person's advice and it works - remember
them next time you have a problem to resolve
7 If you follow another person's advice and it doesn't work
don't blame them - their advice was probably free and came
with no guarantees!
8 And finally, remember that there is no such thing as a
total failure - whichever way you go, your own personal
knowledge will have increased through the experience!

That's my final word on this thread too - let's not fall out