Subject:Parts Date:Wed Jun 14 18:58:04 2023
Iíve got 4 lifetimes of projects so Iíve decided to thin out the herd and offer up some parts.
Email me direct if interested or if you have any inquires.

Quite a few nos parts including KJ tanks, frames, engine parts, ammeter, kj fenders.
3 nos kj intake manifolds
2- nos DLX76 carbs
1 - DLX70 carb

Interested in original paint bikes? I have a 1918 transcontinental racer, mint cases, with period correct accessories, original lic, warranty card (not running) but was running and parked in the 50ís
Also a nice 1917 motor, no carb, but I may have a mag for it, upper case is great, lower needs a bit of work.


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