From:Steve Slocombe
Subject:Henderson KJ Roster Date:Sun Jan 23 05:44:32 2022
Dear All, I've just received a hard copy of Charlie Carter and Cliff Pease's 1978 Excelsior Roster. A two year study of 1907-31 AMCA member bikes showed 57 Henderson KJ models. Surely there are more than this today? The old roster contained engine numbers and names and addresses of owners, which I'm sure we won't want to list today. How about first names of owners, state/country, engine number, and casting date on the top half of the crankcase? I can build a spreadsheet, and all contributors will receive a copy of it as a work in progress and then the final version. Are we up for it? Emails to me please. I'm also posting this on the AMCA bulletin board and please pass this request on through social media to those who also have 1929-31 KJ or KL machines. Thanks in advance and best regards.

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