From:George Dockray
Subject:RE: Clincher Tire Flaps Date:Mon Dec 20 17:02:34 2021
Response to:7704
Rim laps arrived. HUGE PITA trying to get them installed. Tried a few different approaches, but have yet to hit upon the right technique. Any tried and true suggestions for how to get them fitted?

About to install some new 385 X 20 tires on the '22 Deluxe. It had really old tires / tubes on it with no rim 'flaps'. I understand that for as much safety as can be had with clinchers that you should use rim flaps. Coker only has ones 8" wide, but Universal Vintage Tire has 20" dia. X 5". Question is whether the 5" ones would be what's needed. Any other sources for flaps? Tips for installation?


Vancouver BC

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