From:Thomas Fickau
Subject:RE: Cloth Braided Wire Date:Mon Jul 26 10:12:28 2021
Response to:7613
There is some good news to this unfortunate situation. I
have in the past made accurate wire harness for other early
20s and 30s motorcycles. I have started the long process
of making accurate cloth wrapped harness's for KJs and
would entertain making some for DeLuxes as well. Anyone
have any segments of original harness out there to help
assure we get the best wire color/code match we can? Does
anyone have a partial or complete wire harness to use as a
reference ?
You can contact me off line via direct E-mail.
Keeping fingers crosseed.

Hello everyone, Well, I suppose it's official. I sent
funding to Cloth Braided wire for in good faith, a KJ
wiring harness on January 10th, this year 2021. Hope they
are OK for us in the future. No response for me.

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