From:Rick Yamane
Subject:RE: installing rear gear on a de luxe Date:Mon Jan 18 12:45:09 2021
Response to:7498

sorry I mean reverse gear ...

Hello everybody , I appreciate your help for the best way
to install a rear gear on a
de luxe as I want to fit a side car on mine when finished
to restore . Thank you

Iím going through the gearbox process now. Iím not sure
how much of required parts are in the standard gearbox.
There are the gears themselves. The shift rod has extra
grooves for the fork detent which may not be there. There
is also a shaft for the idler gear, the fork, pivot and
lever. I suppose you could get by without the control
lever at the tank but to do it correctly youíll need
that with the linkage rod and reverse shift plate.
Hopefully your crankcases have the castings inside and
appropriate holes in the right places. If not it will
need to go up on the mill for some work. I am looking for
reverse gears as the existing ones are pitting and worn.


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