From:Darryl Cutter
Subject:RE: RE: Super X Decal Measurement Needed Date:Wed Dec 9 06:02:38 2020
Response to:7477
Hi Doug-
I'm looking for the actual measurement of the decal. Not the placement of
the decal on the gas tank. I want to make them exactly as original. But I hear
what you are saying. I have an old picture of two KJ police bikes side by side
and on one the gas tank decal is level and on the other bike the decal is way
up at the front.


You have to remember that in the factory, they had men and women
slapping on decals without any measurements. As long as they were
relatively straight and not damaged, they were good to go. Time was of the
essence so their application was not perfect.

I'm looking for someone with an original paint Excelsior Super X to send me
a picture of the gas tank decal with a ruler or soft tape measure under the
decal and next to the decal. I'd like to get an exact measurement so I can
have some decals made. I just had Deluxe and KJ complete sets of high
quality decals made. One guy I sold a set of KJ decals to needs Super X
decals and the decal maker said he will make those too if I can get a
measurement. I will make a run of Super X sets if there is a call for them.


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