From:Mark Hill
Subject:RE: Question for Mark Hill Date:Tue Nov 10 20:29:11 2020
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Please view the following video
on Henderson Kicker set up.

Although this is a 17 Henderson
the system in is really the

I will try and address areas
where we have had problems and

Hi Mark,
I asked about this before on
the forum and got a few
responses but so far nothing
worked out.
Our Streamline has a kick
starter that jambs and won't
turn the engine. I recently
began looking at it again and
still come up with a bevel gear
interference problem, perhaps
worn shims.
Everything in the gearbox
proper appears to be working as
it should and the engine itself
is free. The kick starter frees
when the clutch is disengaged
and the gearbox can go through
all the gears spinning the rear
wheel but releasing the pedal
and re-engaging the clutch
causes the starter to jamb
I'm pretty much resigned to
pulling the engine and I guess
I'm just looking for some bit
of confirmation that I'm on the
right track.
If anyone else has had this
problem I'd be happy to hear
from you too.


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