From:gary brunnen
Subject:RE: RE: Warning of a scammer Date:Sun Aug 2 07:15:53 2020
Response to:7256
Just had a reply ( 02/08/2020 ) from Kelvin Max ( a add I placed in old bike mart he is now "wrecking " a Douglas dragonfly ! sent me pictures from google ! So am going to play along and offer him silly money for the parts or whole bike claiming I can collect with cash at end of week .
should be fun wasting his time !

Likewise I had an email from the same person referencing a very old KJ exchange post and offering me the parts mentioned in it ... Perry

Warning to all.
I've been searching for some brake parts to complete my '19 model Z.
I received an email from a Kelvin Max (
claiming that he's "wrecking" (his words not mine) his 1919 Henderson and will sell me all the brake parts I require.
He even went to the trouble of sending a pic of the bike.
Well that one sold at Bonhams and is not owned by this Kelvin person.

And why would anyone in their right mind break up a Henderson for parts???

Another person in this group warned me about this scam.
Now I want everyone to know.
Buyer Beware as always.

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