From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:It's My Own Dumb Fault... Date:Fri Jan 17 09:49:50 2020
It's My Own Dumb Fault...

...that I need a K-2958 Gas Tank Cap for KJ or DeLuxe. Do you have an extra that you will sell me?

Here's why:

It was 70 degrees last Saturday. We don't get too many of those in January, so I took a ride on the KJ. Just before heading home, I stopped for gasoline. I was going down a long country road, when I heard a strange rhythmic noise. It sounded like one of the tappets had come way loose all of a sudden, but not exactly. The sound seemed to increase with the speed of the engine, but experiments showed that it didn't. It seemed to increase with the speed of the bike, but no. Finally, I figured out that the sound in/de-creased with ac/de-celeration. Then it mysteriously stopped, just as it had mysteriously started. I continued down the country road.

I turned a corner to cut through a neighborhood, and that's when I got a whiff of gasoline. A little ways later, I looked at some kids playing basketball, and when I turned my head back, I saw that my right gas cap was missing. I limped on home, arriving not too long before sunset. I hopped in the car, and re-drove my route down and back. Didn't expect to find it that way, and didn't. Then it was dark.

The next morning, I had a neighbor drop me off at the beginning of the 5-mile long country road. The gas cap is chrome on the top and silver on the bottom, so I thought I had a decent chance of seeing it reflecting in the sunlight. It was the right tank, and the road has a definite crown, so I paid most attention to the right side of the road. I searched and scoured the sides of the road.

I found a lot of beer cans. Apparently Jim Beam is pretty popular, since I found a large number of empty pint bottles. I found a plethora of small reflective metallic objects. I found a dead hawk (phew!). I spoke to a number of Bovine-Americans. I also spoke to a Fauquier County Deputy Sheriff, since someone had called the cops about some strange man wandering aimlessly down the road.

It took me just under 5 hours to scour that 5-mile stretch of road. I probably walked 10 miles since I was covering both sides of the road, and checking out every possibility. When I finally got home, my legs were killing me!

Failure. It's a dirty word, but I had to admit it. I did everything in my power to find the gas cap, but still, I can't ride the KJ again until I get one. What hurts the most is that It's My Own Dumb Fault!

Please help this witless KJ owner!

Dave Hennessey

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