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Subject:RE: Deluxe front end Date:Thu Dec 26 23:09:35 2019
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Here is a copy of my post # 7090:

Doug Rollert told me how he did it, sounds easy, but I'm not
there yet. First, make a wedge that fits around the stem and
between the cap and the fork of the stem. Needs to be just
thick enough to allow the main spring, washer and nut to go
on. Crank the nut down, compressing the spring, add the lock
nut and then screw onto the spring tube. This should allow
to start at least. As you screw it down, the spring will
compress and the stem will rise up and the wedge can be
removed. I can picture all this in my head, hope it makes

I miss led all that have replied to my request of installing
the two springs on my 1925 Deluxe . There are two springs
one short and one long . They must be compressed to fit into
the front shock barrel/ tube . Most replies have been to
replace the two springs on the K J

Any tips on the shock spring replacement [two springs] would
help. If someone has a drawing of a tool or a tool like the
one the factory used that sure would be a big help .This
information could be shared with others as well. I am sure
this is a one time replacement in our life time
Thanks for the support
Andy, 1925 Henderson+sidecar

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