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Below are the number of motorcycles shipped to locations in Virginia by Excelsior Supply. This includes both Henderson and Excelsior. The source of this information is the Annual Reports from Excelsior Supply. Apparently associated with a change in fiscal year, possibly related to the purchase of Henderson Motors in 1917, there is a four-month gap in reporting.

Those with asterisks below are reflected in the Supplement to American Excelsior by Turek/Bund. There is one agent in Norfolk in the Supplement indicated as being active in the "early teens": Wiggins, C.S. (Henderson).

Sep 1, 1917 - Sep 1, 1918
* Munger, E.J. Roanoke 9
* Holt, Henry T. Richmond 3
Manley, Percy C. Staunton 1

Jan 1, 1919 - Jan 1, 1920
* Motorcycle Supply Co. Appalachia 13
* Holt, H.T. Richmond 7
* Munger, E.J. Roanoke 6
* Bolton Motor Co., M.B.Lynchburg 2
Dosser Bros. Bristol 1

There was a Henderson dealer in Norfolk, Virginia. I
believe I have a photo but will have to contact with
someone to remind me of the dealership name. Get back to
me via to remind me.

anyone know of any henderson dealers from the state of
virgina by any chance, would really like to get a piccie of
a shop there or a dealer leaflet copy etc.... Please.

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