From:Steve Marks
Subject:RE: RE: ACE Footboards wanted please Date:Sun Mar 24 16:07:41 2019
Response to:6994
Thanks Doug. I went out and bought some Indian foot
boards and tried my Ace mat - photo shows result. The mat
is longer and narrower than the metalwork. So - is it the
metalwork or the mat that doesn't fit? Mats are available
on US eBay and comparing the picture given with what I
have, the outside rib on mine is much wider. I used the
'Contact seller' facility to describe my problem and
asking for the dimensions of their mats but didn't get
any answer. So what I did was cut a strip out of the
middle of the metalwork and welded the two halves back
together. Then used the belt linisher to trim the end of
the rubber mat. Everything fits OK now. Fussy or what? If
any of you go to the European AMCA meet, where they are
focusing on four cylinders this year, and see someone
measuring Ace foot boards with a tape measure - that'll
probably be me......
I contacted Steve privately but will repeat it here for
the history of the topic. When Indian purchased the Ace
company, they took advantage of the footboards and
continued the Ace design forward on all Indians until the
rubber covered footboards appeared in 1940. Only Indian
substituted cleats made from a stamping (less expensive)
instead of the cast cleats used my Ace. Also, Ace did
not rivet the mats to the footboard pans like Indian,
only gluing them down. So replacement Ace foot boards
are as easy as purchasing them from an Indian parts
vendor, except requesting pans with no rivet holes. The
cleats are not available as far as I know.

Hi Guys
Anyone heading for the AMCA Europe meet in the
Netherlands in May this year? It has a 'four cylinder'
theme. I will be taking the Henderson and am frantically
working to complete the ACE so that I can take that as
Can anyone help with a pair of ACE footboards please? Or
can anyone suggest where I can get some - or get some
made? I have the hinges and the rubber mats - it's only
the sheet metalwork footboards themselves that I'm
All leads greatly appreciated
Best regards