From:Dan F
Subject:RE: Oil Line Ferrules Date:Wed Jul 25 06:05:19 2018
Response to:6902
I am not sure exactly what you are looking for since I have not gotten that far. I have used this company for other antique motorcycle odds and ends. The fittings are pretty close but usually need a little working to be exact but better than starting from scratch.
If these work and you find the correct sizes needed, please let me know your discoveries,

Does anyone have a source for the ferrules on the KJ oil lines? The ferrule on my tee-fitting to oil pressure gauge line done cracked. It was a "field-fitted" copper item, unlike the standard steel ferrule assembly.

The sad story is here:

This fitting can be made, but it would be a shame to spend hours and hours making one, if one could be readily bought for a few dollars somewhere.

Any leads?

Dave Hennessey