From:Perry Ruiter
Subject:RE: 1925 Super X instrument/dash board set up Date:Mon Jan 15 22:20:42 2018
Response to:6747
It sounds like you have the wrong parts book for your bike. The one that says "Super Excelsior - All Models -" is primarily for 27 and later bikes. You want the earlier edition that says "Super Excelsior Model" on the cover, which exclusively covers the 25 and 26 model year bikes. It has a good photo of the dash parts used those years. Good luck finding the correct dash switch. There is a guy that makes outstanding reproductions of the headlight switch.
The primary drive cover on the early 25s does not have "OIL LEVEL" cast into it.

Good morning team, I am currently restoring my early 1925 Super X and I would love some pictures of how I should set up the instrument/dash board set up. Looking in my parts manual they two switches and an amp meter but some people that they were for a later super x 26-27. Can you help me please.

Thanks f