From:Carl Henrik Stormer
Subject:RE: Stabilizer (shock absorber) springs for Goulding sidecar Date:Fri Jul 28 09:29:25 2017
Response to:6649

This winter, I have restored an original Goulding sidecar for my Henderson DeLuxe 1928. It started out from a rusty basket-case heap of parts and is now fully resurrected. Some parts were damaged and were reconstructed - some parts were missing and were made here. Among the parts missing, were the two shock absorber springs, and I hade two springs made locally. They turn out to be much too weak, and create dangerous "lean out" and "lean in" in turns.
I am now searching for two original quality springs - new or used.

Your help, if possible, would be very much appreciated!

My good Henderson friend, Jeff Roth sent me a tip which led to success!
He suggested that I should contact Steve Thielicke, who has been helpful in the past with difficult parts and information.
Steve responded almost immediately. Yes, he had an extra set of stabilizer springsv which he offered to send me for a very reasonable sum. They are now on their way to me in Norway.
My sincere thanks to these two gentlemen for their generosity. I am now looking forward to a safer sidecar experience.