From:Don Ahrens
Subject:RE: RE: In Search of my uncle's 1931 Henderson Date:Sun Jul 16 22:05:00 2017
Response to:6632
That's amazing! You have my curiosity. What kind of
machine did you buy and when? Is it possible to obtain a
few of your stack of his cards?

thought you just might like to see an Original business
card of your uncle of which i happen to have a stack ,
which i acquired when i ended up buying some maschine
which was originally sold by your uncle.

Sometime around 1968, my Dad obtained his Uncle Lou's
1931 Henderson after Uncle Lou's death. Uncle Lou was a
dealer from Amityville, NY and my Dad lived in North
Bellmore, NY. Somewhere around 1976, Dad sold the
Henderson. The Henderson had the tank stripped of its'
paint and had the AMA colors painted on the sides. The
rest of the bike was maroon. It had a buddy seat with
the initials LEW (Louis E. Whitson) on the back of it.
It also had a windshield, handlebar rail mounted spot
lights, front fender rail and mud flaps. From my
recollection, I believe it was a KJ. Any leads would be
greatly appreciated. I would love to see it, not looking
to buy.

On another note, Dad also obtained another Henderson from
Uncle Lou's estate, a 1924 DeLuxe motor with a 1929 KJ
frame. I have this and am in the process of rebuilding
it. It's a great project and holds some family history.