From:Gene Harper
Subject:RE: wheels Date:Sun Jul 16 17:26:30 2017
Response to:6631
1924 X and Henderson both used the same wheels and tires.
These were listed as 27 inches x 3 1/2". The modern
equivalent tire size would be the 3.85-20 Clincher tires,
available from Coker, Universal and maybe others. The rims
would be 20", 40 spoke, same front and rear. These are
available from Al McRoberts in Michigan, he advertises in
the AMCA. I had a set of original rims that I sent to him
some years ago. From that, he made me one set of new rims
that have the staggered nipple hole which is peculiar to X
and Henderson. If you didn't know it, it would be tough to
see. They did this so the spokes did not touch where they

I've decided to use drop center rims and tires as I plan to
do some serious riding with my 24 Big X, so this set of
rims is available if you're interested.

Gene Harper

What size wheels are correct for a 1924 Henderson