From:Steve Marks
Subject:RE: RE: rear stand clip K Date:Sun Jul 10 17:11:32 2016
Response to:6296
Sorry Gene - no they're not the same.

From the 'Models 1918-23 Inclusive' Parts List, under the 'Model K 19120-1921' heading:
X-K-2483 Stand latch, outside half
X-K-2484 Stand latch, inside half
X-K-2485 Stand latch spring
X-K-2486 Stand latch rivet 3/16 x 1/3/16
X-K-4734 Stand latch screw 1/4-20 x 5/8
XK-1525 Stand latch nut
302 Stand latch screw lock washer

From both 'Deluxe Model Only' and 'Deluxe Model and Sidecars' Parts Lists:
K-2488 Rear stand latch
2806 Rear stand latch screw
302-W Rear stand latch screw lock washer
1525 Rear stand latch screw nut

So the Model K used a two piece latch with a spring. The Deluxe only one piece latch and no spring

None of the above parts lists mention quantities but the 'Streamline Parts List' does
K-2487 Stand latch - 1 off
EX-2806 Stand latch screw - 2 off
1525-A Stand latch screw nut - 2 off
EX-2821 Stand latch screw lock washer - 2 off

I think it fair to assume that there are two screws/nuts/lock washers on the earlier models too.

Interesting that the numbers used for the Model K latch parts run from 2483 to 2486, Deluxe latch is 2488 but then the later KJ Streamline fills in the gap by using 2487 for the latch!

From the pictures of the latch in the Deluxe and Streamline Parts Lists, they look very similar if not the same even though they have different part numbers. The Model K parts list doesn't have any pictures unfortunately. I can probably find a picture of the stand latch that I made for my model K if anyone is interested but I have to say it is only my interpretation of what it might have looked like based on the entries in the parts lists. Anyone got a picture of a genuine original?

Whilst on the subject of stands, I rarely use mine as it never feels that stable. Always worried that a slight nudge would be enough to knock the bike forward off the stand and wouldn't like to see it topple. From day one, I fitted a Jack Tracey stand from Mike Breeding. Absolutely rock solid in use so highly recommended and far, far easier to use too!
Bye for now - Steve

Call Matt Smith in Montana, Antique Motorcycle Works. He has
been "in the process" of making them for Deluxe, for some
time. I think (?) they are the same. Put the heat on him,
maybe he will get them done. If he does, let me know, I need
them too! Last I heard they needed to go out for heat

looking for a rear stand clip for an early K henderson, does
anyone do these repop?