From:Lyndell Dean Wolff
Subject:RE: Need to know hole sizes Date:Wed Jun 8 10:36:27 2016
Response to:6249

Need to know the size holes for the front 28-31 kj gas tank mounting holes and the shiftgate hole in the front castings are dilled to.


Hey, Tim
I don't own a Hen so I can't just pull a bolt for you. although...
There are documents available at the KJ site with parts lists.
I checked the Streamliner 1930 one and the bolts are shown but not there sizes, what you do get is the part # and reference code. Often times I have been able to cross reference bolts and such with matching part #'s to bolts used at a different location on the bike that you can pull a size off of.

I wish you well with your project.