From:Rick Yamane
Subject:RE: RE: RE: priming oil K Henderson Date:Mon Mar 28 11:22:34 2016
Response to:6175
I usually use a regular pump type oiler like most of us already have in the shop. Attach it to the oilway on the engine with appropriate tubing and fittings and pump a cup or so in, depending on the size of the engine. Yes, type of assembly lube as well as how long the engine has been sitting play a part in how necessary it is but do it anyway.


Graeme, YES, prime all the lines before the initial start. I'm about two weeks
away from doing the same thing on Model "K". I've just installed my crankshaft
and rods. I will also force feed oil at this time to the main line so that I can
actually see the oil come out of all the mains and rods while the pan is off. I use
an assembly lube to begin with. It would be good to keep in contact with you
since we are both working on the K model. Mine is a 1921. Doing a full
restoration. Good Luck

I did it on mine. I'm in the refrigeration business so I utilized a refrigerant oil
pump. It's a hand plunger pump similar in appearance to a bicycle pump. Just
connected to the feed line to the bearings.
I think it's a good idea. A lot depends too on what you used for an assembly
lubricant when putting the engine together.

ready to fire up my K after a full rebuild, what's peoples thoughts on priming all
the oilways etc so starting up is as safe as it can