From:Chris Gans
Subject:RE: RE: RE: 1929ish henderson with 29 engine number thats starts with D Date:Sat Mar 19 20:03:48 2016
Response to:6157
My dad's bike (the one he rode) had 28 3 main cases and a KJ upper. The rest was all KJ also. We believe he did this himself along with a number of other modifications. He did it up sometime in the mid 40's after playing with Harleys and Indians. It is titled as a 28.

Deluxe bottom end perhaps? There were some '29 deluxes possibly sold in '28

Several things may have happened to your Henderson through the
years, and hopefully you weren't around when these changes
occurred. The 1928 title year could be when it was originally
sold...1928. Model years were not rigid. The bike may have
been available early on. Secondly, the motor may have been
changed out later in it's life, the reason for the high serial
number. It may have been a factory overhaul swap, or it may
have been changed out for a bad engine at a dealership.
You'll probably never know.

I recently inherited a Henderson with an original
(perhaps)title from 1943. The title contains some oddities:
First: is says its a 1928 Henderson (after pic research it
clearly is a 29-31) Second: the engine sequential for a
1929, however, the engine no. starts with d rater than kj or
kl.I'm just trying to figure out what exactly the motorcycle
gods have dropped into my hands!
thanks, Marc.