From:Doug Strange
Subject:RE: RE: Henderson Tank dyes Date:Wed Mar 16 21:57:03 2016
Response to:6144
Measuring one of my Ace tanks, I don't think this is Ace or
Indian Ace. My early tank that I keep here in my computer
room is 26 inches long, and 6 inches high in the middle.
The bends on the side are 11 inches from the rear and 5.75
inches to the front of the tank. It seems too short to be a
1920 or earlier Henderson, but too round for an early DeLuxe
tank. Looking at Rich Schultz's Henderson books, it may be
late DeLuxe or Super-X.

To confirm, these ARE for sale. But after having them for
almost 2 decades I have no idea what they are worth and am
taking fair offers.

They are being sold due to project not ever being finished
due to illness.

Hello all, I was referred to this site to hopefully do two
things. Identify these and find a new home for them.

I purchased these tank dyes over 15 years ago with hopes of
using them to make new tanks for retro "new" bikes. However
due to poor health that never took off.

I was told they are original dyes to the Ace, Henderson and
Indian / Ace of 1926-27.

The height in the middle is: aprox. 5.5 inches

The length of dye is: aprox. 23 inches

If you can help verify what bikes they would have been used
in that would be fantastic.
If you know of someone that would actually use them for
restoration tanks please let me know.