From:Michael FitzSimons
Subject:RE: RE: Long Tank vs Short Tank Hendersons Date:Mon Jan 11 22:07:09 2016
Response to:6021
Thanks,that clarifies it: during '24 the long tank was phased put and the short tank phased in. MF

Hi Mike,

The short tank (low frame) Deluxes were phased-in during 1924. There are long tank (high frame) '24 Deluxes that people identify as "early '24s".

In a direct departure from the Detroit era, and for whatever reason, Schwinn rarely marked any sales brochures or parts literature with dates or year of make after 1919. Someone might have a better explanation for this than me.

The best way to note dates and production changes during the Schwinn era are to look at new model announcements in period magazine literature.

I think you've got my number, feel free to give me a call if you'd like to discuss further.


Hello again: Can someone clarify when short tanks appeared and the long tanks were no longer available. I know that long tanks were furnished on the 1922 and 23 Chicago machines, but when did the short tanks first appear? Thanks Mike