Subject:RE: Ace Frame Number (Ref to Date:Sat Jan 2 14:53:52 2016
Response to:5999
Just checked my framenr: on my 1922 Ace and it starts with 70XX,i belive,and were told the story from the man who restored it that it was sold in northern Sweden new and being together since new....i have no proof of it but i think its right..

A couple of threads below this, "Karen" offered a 1925 Ace project for sale.

In post #5981 she stated:

"...The number stamped on the frame (under the seat) is 8160..."

Just curious as to if anyone knows what this Frame # represents (Year-wise).

Any other basic info regarding Ace frame numbers would be appreciated.

As one point of reference, I checked the Ace on Display at the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum. It is shown as a 1922, and has a 2XXX frame number.

Hope everyone had a good Holiday!
Thanks guys.