Subject:RE: 1925 Ace for sale - project Date:Sat Nov 21 08:24:50 2015
Response to:5969
I am interesting to buy your ACE. Please, send me some pictures and your
contact info.
Thank you

Hi Everyone,
We have come around to selling Dad's lovely Ace project. It's 99% complete and
the engine had been built by him and we believe it can turn. It will all need
putting together properly but I worked with an Ace owner to pull it together to
check for completeness and for the photos.
It is circa 1925 with mostly original parts.
We are selling it via a blind auction process - pics and our T&Cs are on the website. Basically we are inviting best offers to be emailed
to us (we don't disclose the highest bidder). It can be seen before the 26th of
November. The deadline on offers is 12:00 midday AEDT Monday December
14th, 2015. It is being sold as buyer to collect.
Thanks for your time.
Best wishes,