From:Benjamin Binns
Subject:Correct Parts For a 1923 Deluxe Henderson Date:Mon Jul 20 03:30:06 2015
After all the information I got from my last post, Im hoping that you may all be able to help again with a few more questions.

1. What is the correct Battery for the 1923 Deluxe? I believe it should have the switch on the left side. I have seen some that have a recess where the gear selector on the top of the gearbox goes into, and I have also seen a variety of heights, depths and widths. Does anyone have a good photo of the correct

2. What is the correct oil pressure gauge for the '23 Deluxe? Is it US Gauge company black face, and if so how many PSI. Any difference between early and late Deluxe oil pressure gauge? Photos would be great.

3. What rear brake plate should an export model '23 Deluxe have? I believe for Australia and Europe it would have been a double brake? Did it use the wider brake band as used on the 1924 Big X? I have seen a variety of brakes and not really sure which it should have. At the moment I have a Big X one in there which I believe was used on Henderson from 1919 until end of Model K?

Thanks in advance for your help. Any info an pictures would be much appreciated.