From:andrew blake
Subject:RE: Mesinger Auto Cushion Superba seat springs Date:Fri Jul 10 13:11:13 2015
Response to:5851

I am making plans, with Tom Fickau's help, to wind left and right seat springs for...according to Chuck at The Saddleshop in Florida...a Mesinger Auto Cushion Superba seat. I hope to get the proper length measurement to make them. I'm guessing 4 gauge wire size, etc. My thanks to Eric S. in FL for a sample missing part of its lower coil(s).

Pictured is one of the springs on a '15 Indian seen on eBay recently. They are distinctive for being conical shaped at the top and barrel shaped at the bottom, one piece.

Does anyone have access to one of the springs for measurements? I can provide more pictures via a personal message. reach me at J
Sorry to spoil the party but that's a '13 Indian