From:Rob Olsen
Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: deluxe clutch plates Date:Tue Jul 7 19:44:38 2015
Response to:5856
A few reasons why installing fiber disks are superior to
metal on metal plates.

1)overcoming the effects of cohesive and adhesive forces.
The factory found this to be a problem and cupped the plates
which worked for a while, until under spring pressure and
heat they flattened out. There is also a service shot about
grooving plates to attempt to solve the problem.

All metal plates also require higher spring pressures to
avoid slipping, which increase wear and pressure required to

2) Fiber creates less heat

3) less metal particles

4) Some Fiber plates require less spring pressure due to a
higher coefficient of friction, also reducing pressure
required to disengage. Less spring pressure also reduces
load on internal parts, forks, and assembly.

There are a number of different types of fiber used and I
used to make kits with a green Kevlar fiber originally 25%
kevlar, as time went on and the product was no longer made
in North America, the offshore fiber became lower in quality
and today is not much more than 2% aramid fiber which is a
knock off of Kevlar.

This current cheaper green fiber is also a long chopped
fiber made mostly up of cellulose and resins, The problem is
the long chopped fiber has, and can plug small oil passages.

For these reasons I no longer use the green fiber in 4's

I've been making clutch kits for antique twins and fours
since 1996 and have seen the fiber market change and swing
heavily over to Chinese made products.

I currently use fibers based on Kevlar, carbon fiber and
Feramic specifically designed for the application

You can make the original metal on metal plates work just
fine though,



if they are metal to metal like my racing bulls why is
everyone installing kevlar linings . this only costs 30
bucks a piece to have done so then why bother doing it
.?????any input on this subject appreciated

I have some shocking news for you mike.
These are metal on metal plates.
Also, be cautious about just popping out new ones.
Half of the plates have a warp to them which allows for the
clutch to easily release in the oil bath.
If you want to improve, I suggest purchasing a King Clutch.
New plates with, I believe, Kevlar linings.
I have one in my KJ. Very smooth.


can anyone show me in detail how the clutch plates are
properly installed . i have (9)plates but none have lining
on them and need to know which ones have to be relined.all
were in a box when i received this hen. none even show where
lining was installed as they are scorched and i was going to
laser new ones and have them relined.thanks.