From:Steve Marks
Subject:RE: Henderson Frame Differences Date:Mon Jun 29 16:59:48 2015
Response to:5791
Hi Dan
The 1920/21 Model K frame differs from the early DeLuxe frame in a number of ways.
On the Model K, the engine sits on top of loose pillars (spacers) with the mounting bolts going through the middle of the frame tube. No tube in the frame so maybe not good engineering practice but the tube is pretty heavy guage and you'd be hard put to tighten the mounting bolt enough to squash the frame tube. On the Deluxe frame the two frame tubes are spread further apart and new lugs added so that the mounting bolts (shorter than K bolts) go through the lug. No spacers used so engine sits an inch lower. Crankcase mounting hole spacings are same so engines can be used in either frame.
Model K frames had a seat spring/rear mudguard bracket bolted to the frame by a pair of bolts which once again went straight through the frame tube. DeLuxe frames had a different design of bracket held to the frame with a pair of 'U' bolts which went around the frame tube - no holes through the frame.
Model K frames have a stud on left hand side below saddle to take the L shaped reverse gear lever. DeLuxe frames didn't have this stud so reverse (if fitted) was operated by what would otherwise be used for the hand clutch operation.
On the Model K, the ammeter was attached to the frame by use of a 'wrap around' clip. DeLuxes used a different, flat bracket attached to the top of the top frame tube by a couple of screws so the Deluxe frame has two tapped holes.
The Model K battery box is held to the frame tube with two 'U' clips similar to those used to hold the gas tank in place. However, with no bottom fixing, there was nothing to stop the battery box swinging around the frame. (I put in a pair of 1/4" pins under the frame tube and into the top of the box to stop this happening on mine) The Deluxe frames solved the problem with a pair of flat plates as part of the frame lug. The battery box was held to these plates with four nuts/bolts
On the model K, the rear chain adjusters were 1/4" UNF, on the DeLuxe they were increased to 5/16" UNF.
The question then remains, when did these changes take place? Well, the Model K was 1920 and 1921 (and had quite a few changes over those two years, particularly to the engine). The lessons learnt resulted in a new engine for 1922 - the DeLuxe engine. I'm guessing the frame changes came a little later. Certainly, some of the details of the DeLuxe frames listed above (most notably the lower engine mounting) appear in the 1923 sales brochure - probably published in 22 - described as'new'. That same sales brochure mentions '....the many outstanding long distance endurance performances of the DeLuxe....' so Deluxes had been around for a while before the brochure was printed. Also the 'Instructions for the Care and Operation of the DeLuxe Henderson' booklets are not all the same. Early ones show the reverse gear lever on the stud under thesaddle, later ones show reverse is selected with the hand clutch lever. My guess is that the early 1922 Deluxes used up existing stocks of the 20/21 Model K frames.
This 'DeLuxe' frame was used for a few years but was changed in around 27 to an even lower design and then changed again for the KJ in 29 but that's all for another day!
All the above is my interpretation of the factory brochures, instruction books and parts lists I have. No doubt, if I've got anthing wrong, someone will put me right! A long post -thanks for sticking till the end! Steve

I am interested in finding the differences between Henderson frames of the '20's - i.e. 1920-1930. I do have Richards book and noticed a few things but does anyone have any pictures of the frames alone or a verbal description of differences ?