From:ken lee
Subject:RE: 1925 Super X info Date:Tue Jun 9 19:33:51 2015
Response to:5770
Hello Jeff , My parts book shows 20 teeth gear too but the write up says 201 'part numberP4-9136 - Kick Starter Gear' and part number 'P4-9797 Kick Starter Gear Low Ratio , latest type' . So you have a choice and will have to work out which size you require . If the shaft centres distance is the same for both your bikes then get the same size as his , if centres are bigger on yours , you'll need the 20 teeth gear . Hope this helps , best of luck , Ken

Can anyone tell me the correct number of teeth for the kickstart gear, number 201 in the parts book. I count 20 in the photo but the guy up the road has 15 on his...??? Thanks Jeff