From:steve ost
Subject:RE: E.J.Cole pre auction trivia Date:Sun Mar 15 12:35:58 2015
Response to:5553
Anybody know anything about the KJ ?

Here is a partial picture taken at Molson Park Barrie Ontario, of the perfect running rebuilt 1928 Deluxe I sold EJ circa 1981 at the Schenectady AMCA meet. I took the $2200 he offered rather than the NOS 1940's knucklehead bike that Tom Kell offered me in a straight swap ! EJ told me the Hen was his first bike and he was just beginning to collect . I am sure I will exagerate a bit when I am 89 too.
Getting back to the bike, I contacted the old timer who had "restored it" and he told me he did not want a sidecar so he took the one attached to this bike to the dump. Yes, I did ask for the dump location to no avail.
I see my old bike is not in the auction. Lonnie Sr. told me they had about 900 bikes at one time and my old Hen had been stolen and recovered. We may never know the whole truth.