From:Barry Brown
Subject:RE: Henderson - Those Elegant Machines - NEW EDITION Date:Fri Oct 10 15:02:42 2014
Response to:5380

How much are these books? How redundant is the first volume to the original
which I already have?
Thew NEW edition of Rich Schultz's book is at the printer, and will be shipping

Rich was at Davenport taking orders, and I plonked down my money quick - I
didn't want to miss it. I'm not sure how many he is having printed, but the first
edition sold out pretty quickly.

It's now 2 volumes, the second volume being the later (KJ) models which didn't
get much coverage in the first edition.

More info, and how to order, is over at the "Henderson Books" section of this
website, or here's the direct link: