From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: Finding out more about KJ and Deluxe Models Date:Mon Jan 27 19:09:55 2014
Response to:4979

Schultz's book is the only one I know about. You are very lucky to have one.

You can download the Parts Books for the De Luxe and KJ in the section Facts, Fables And Opinions, then under Documents. The De Luxe book is from 1923 (methinks), and the KJ book is 1930. As far as I know, these are the only ones (there could be other DeLuxe books, not sure).

In the KJ book, you will find some parts marked K (also fit Deluxe) and some marked KJ (only fit Streamlines).

I have an Deluxe and KJ Owner's Manual which goes into some maintenance and repair topics. I believe it is from 1929, as one of the illustrations shows the early 1929 exhaust fastening system. I never got around to scanning this, so I'll try to do it soon and put it on the website.

The AMCA's virtual library has some other Hen literature - if you're an AMCA member, you can download them for free, otherwise, it costs money. Reason enough to join the AMCA if you're not a member already.

Henderson was very stingy with manuals - there are very few. Also, you will find very few period magazine advertisements - and those are only in cycle mags. You won't find any in Life or similar magazines.

Sorry, but that's about all any of us have to work with...


I am trying to find out more about Hendersos in general ut specifically Kj's and Deluxe models. I do have the book by Schultz but is there any other relevant publications ?? I have seen the 'parts list' for each but need to order a copy for myself. From what I can tell from these, many of the parts looks similar but it's hard to tell if they are or not.

Also, do they share any similar parts such as brakes, hubs, rims, seats, handlebars, fenders, forks, etc ???