From:Dave Ciccalone
Subject:RE: Otis Spiker newsletter Deluxe picture Date:Thu Oct 10 13:42:41 2013
Response to:4866

Deluxe's with the "hand clutch" utilized the left grip spark advance/retard to
control a set of linkage that ran along the handlebars, then to a boss on the
neck casting on the frame, then along the down tube of the frame attaching
to the bottom of the clutch pedal, allowing turning of the grip to disengage
the clutch. Because the spark advance grip was occupied with this set up,
bikes equipped like this had a small boss on left side of the gas tank behind
the shift gate where a small boomerang shaped fitting would be used to
advance and retard the spark. I believe this set up is similar to one used on
some Excelsior Big X's, but I'm no expert and would ask someone who knows
Excelsiors better to offer their knowledge.

I have most of one set up and I know my father sold one along with a bike
years ago, which was subsequently borrowed, and unfortunately I believe lost.
I have a short tank that is fitted with the spark advance boss so this suggests
the set up was used beyond '23. I've got a couple good original photos of an
early deluxe with this set up that I will try to scan and post next week.


Morning all,
Have some questions to pose.
On the cover of one of Otis Spikers newsletters is a picture of Hoot Gibson, a
famous silent movie cowboy on a Henderson Deluxe being flanked by two
policemen, also on Henderson Deluxes.
These bikes are fitted with an auxilliary hand clutch that I had not seen
Otis writes on his description of the picture that the Deluxes were police
bikes because they were fitted with this special hand clutch.
Has anyone out there seen one of these set ups??
Are there any still in existence??
How did it work?