From:Barry Brown
Subject:RE: GasTank Leaks Date:Wed Jun 19 07:00:15 2013
Response to:4735
I have welded Crocker, Indian and Super X cast tanks and that was the order of
decreasing quality.

My 1931 KJ has been developing pin hole leaks. The other year, the right side
tank had a large paint bubble develop on the bottom. I poured PJ Weld on the
offending area. As I've been riding the Henderson quite a bit this year, I filled
the right tank up as I use it for reserve. This week, another pin hole developed
on the top of the tank.

First I blame the crappy corn gas our government is jamming down our throats.
Ethanol gas is hydrophilic and no good for motors.

The second issue is the original quality of the KJ tanks. Were they that pourous
that these pinholes can now show up? Guess it's time to pull them and get the
Red-Kote sloshing around inside.