From:Mark Hill
Subject:RE: clutch pic Date:Sun Jun 9 17:17:18 2013
Response to:4727

I will be in Rhinebeck vending at slot 915 in the Orange Field. I have in stock Henderson clutches that fit '17 - '31. I also have springs for both models. I also have Indian Four clutches for sale. These clutches have been tested in the grueling Cannonball endurance run. They conquered Bear Tooth Pass, 10,947 feet above sea level. Our original test engine has over 8000 miles on it with no wear whatsoever to the clutch assembly. All materials were produced and manufactured in North America. I have 20 units available for Henderson at $275 each. Springs are $10 apiece extra. I also have Indian Four clutches available, same materials, at a price of $260 per clutch and $10 per spring. These have been tested with the use of 6 soft springs. The Henderson clutch requires 8. I will put these clutches in a flat rate priority box and will ship anywhere in the US for $15 if you are not at Rhinebeck. I am working on a second production run now.