From:Thomas Fickau
Subject:RE: 1918 Tappets Date:Tue Jun 4 21:36:50 2013
Response to:4723
Actually just started a run of both intake and exhaust tappets for the pre 1920 Hendersons this week. Will take a bit of time but soon should be done with same. Not to late to add your order to the run if you contact me via the above e-address (not the forum). Consider if you are going to use the old guides over and if so how much oversize you would like them.
Also making the adjusters themselves and lock nut for same. They are currently out for heat treat. All made from samples off of a very low milage original 1919 engine.
Same goes for both intake and exhaust valve springs off VERY low mile engine. Should be available in appx 4 + weeks time.
Best of luck,

Hi any one no of any 1918 Exhaust tappets with the threads in them .

Regards Bob