From:Barry Brown
Subject:RE: counterbalanced crankshafts Date:Fri May 31 17:06:07 2013
Response to:4715
How did you "rework" ( build up?) the journals? spray welding?

It's been quiet on the exchange lately!

Well, its time to show these to the world...

These are two more original Henderson cranks that have had counter-weights
added and then the assembly (including flywheel) precision two plane
balanced. These cranks were also reworked and brought back to standard and
new thrust surface etc. of course. The KJ is the very first (on left).

My Deluxe has one of these (on right). The motor runs much smoother and
the wear on the center main is eliminated while using my light-weight
aluminum bearing-less rods and 850 aluminum mains. The inertia load on the
flywheel flange and end of crank is substantially reduced as the flywheels are
reduced by 5 lbs. I have now beaten my test bottom end to death for over
8000 miles mostly at high speed highway and everything remains as new.

Try it you'll like it!