From:Dave Molnar
Subject:Oley - need parts? Date:Thu Apr 11 11:47:47 2013
Hi gang, Just wondering if anyone needs some of my sheet metal parts. I will be at Oley and could bring them.

Go to my web site and see all my stuff:

Sorry no spiralgears in stock and new aluminum rods are made as needed.

Send me an email directly if you need anything.


I did come up with a new cycle electric generator bracket set-up WITH A BELT TENSIONER for my '28 deluxe. Now I have 120 watts at 12 volts. The generator mounts pretty much in the same position as the KJ one and uses a 3LK 119 belt. No long trips yet but so far I am way impressed with it. Amazingly the shifter arm is perfectly bent in the right place from the factory and nicely reaches around the generator! The newly found retro BA15D base style halogen headlight bulb is a retina fryer to say the least. The 30 watt 6 volt splitdorf and round leather belt with staple and mounting saddle and strap looks great sitting on my shelf there (and that's where it's going to stay...)

If you are lumens-challenged, now you can actually see at night. I am thinking of doing a complete kit. I believe the set-up should fit a KJ as well but I can't say until I have my bike beside one to make sure. The remote "must have" modern regulator is mounted on the back of my battery box [gasp choke vomit] and I found a little 12 volt battery that fits my battery box.

The 'ol Klaxon really sings now!!

See ya at Oley!!

HMMMM Think I'll bring my heavy coat just in case...