From:John Yushkevich
Subject:Priming the oil system for the start up Date:Wed Mar 6 07:16:56 2013
Good Morning,
I'm writing to let you know about a little tip I devised for those that are starting their engine for the first time and are concerned about dry bearings and timing gear train during those initial seconds. True that if your Henderson got the engine rebuild it deserved, it would have been assembled with assembly oil, but if you conduct a restoration like I do (over the course of years!!) that assembly oil can become dried out.
My professional background is HVAC / Refrigeration and one of our tools is a refrigerant oil pump. It is a high pressure, positive displacement hand pump used to change the oil in semi-hermetic refrigeration compressors.
I took this pump and, with some miscellaneous fittings to get from 1/4" flare to the lines on the engine, fed oil to the main bearing port and timing gear port. When feeding to the main bearing port, I fed it in such a way so it fed through the oil filter I added, priming the filter and eliminating the slight chance that i induced some contaminate.
With the pump I was able to get 25-50psi read on the dash pressure gauge. See the pictures.