From:Barry Brown
Subject:RE: Engine case finish Date:Wed Feb 27 18:11:50 2013
Response to:4597
In 1981 at the AMCA Schenectady meet I ran my 28 Deluxe all weekend . There
were a lot of old timers there who knew those bikes when there were new. I
recall discussing this very point and was told there were 3 options for case
finish. I think it was Doc Patt or Bill that told me this. Unpainted or blue frame
blue cases or black frame black cases. I don't know. Anecdotal , but I still
believe it. Doc and Bill knew those first generation owners.

Good morning - I would like to question the forum users about the correct
engine case finish for a 1928 Deluxe. Some think they should be painted blue,
and I have also heard reports that they should be natural. I finished two '28
Hendersons this summer, and one owner wanted natural and the other wanted
blue paint. You may have seen the blue painted one - it was Steve MacDonald's
Cannonball bike. Bikes look great both ways, but what is the correct finish?