From:Doug Strange
Subject:RE: RE: Heath Henderson Engine Date:Tue Feb 12 23:02:30 2013
Response to:4554
The two leading companies that made Henderson aircraft conversions were Heath and Sensenig. Both companies had their names cast into the thrust plate that replaced the transmission.

Doc Patt put together a Heath engine that he like to run and show off at shows. It was bloody dangerous....but fun.

Cliff Pease who owned my KJ prior to me obtaining it, had a Heathkit TV/Stereo in his living room that he used right up to his untimely death. He built the system.


Years back when I was restoring my Deluxe, I acquired a lot of
parts from Harbor Vintage in Jonesville Vermont. I remember he
had 2-3 "cut off" engine housings. Not sure if they were true
Heath conversions or not.

I'm looking to buy a Heath conversion Henderson engine. Will
need a prop but if I had dimensions including pitch I could
source that from the ultra-lite industry. Any leads out there
on a Heath Henderson engine? Jeff (Indnrdr).