From:Chris Gans
Subject:RE: Heavy duty piston Date:Sun Jan 27 10:21:17 2013
Response to:4520
My dad told me once that some of the guys used Indian pistons for better performance but he never mentioned factory performance items. It is always a possibility though. There were also many more garage mechanics and machinists back then. Someone who bent a rod may have cast his own using an iron one for the mold. If you measure the rod is it the same length as an iron rod? The shrinkage is drastically different from Iron to Aluminum. That doesn't explain the number though. All we have left is speculation.

Check out the cast struts almost like a C.P. Carrillo X fordging of today and look at the wall thickness and a full floater pin. This all came out of a early deluxe. Wells Bennett ? I dont know but I will say Schwinn was the man this is pretty advanced stuff for the time.