From:Carl Henrik Stormer
Subject:RE: DeLuxe & KJ Slider & Cluster Gears Date:Tue Dec 18 08:56:40 2012
Response to:4438
For my 1927/28 de Luxe, I am interested in available gearbox parts. Slider gears, mainshaft and cluster gears.
My gearbox is useable, but will quite obviously need an overhaul in the near future.

What does/will the parts you have/have in the pipeline cost?

Best regards,

The slider gears for the DeLuxe and KJs are finally complete. Some of you early birds have even received them already. Cluster gears for same are still in process though. I am selling these in matched sets. Let me know your needs via my e-mail.

I am also making a second run of DeLuxe & KJ mainshafts if anyone would like to place their name on the list I am putting together at this time.

Thomas Fickau