From:Doug Strange e-mail:amca
Subject:RE: 29 K J correct shift knob pic. wanted Date:Sun Dec 9 09:42:47 2012
Response to:4387
Regarding the need for a KJ shift knob, I've attached photo where I added dimensions if you need to make your own knob. The real knobs are a dark brown material. I believe KJ knobs also had the ribbing as encirling the knob, and not as the knurled grip area as in this photo. The black plastic knobs you run across are generic from construction equipment. I can also post a photo from my 1931 KJ as a reference if needed. Hope this helps. I don't claim to be an expert....I only ride and enjoy my Henderson.

Could someone post a picture of a correct shifter knob for 1929 K J thanks, Juan