From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: Whats wrong with this picture Date:Sat Dec 1 20:11:21 2012
Response to:4393
Gadzooks - at first glance, it's a DeLuxe with KJ gas tanks.

But looking closer...

The engine block is way too tall - it looks 4" taller than normal.

The cylinders don't look DeLuxe either. Maybe this was Al Crocker's first attempt at a Hot Bike?

The exhaust looks like a KJ, with somehow the DeLuxe downtubes grafted on.

There's a brake on the front wheel.

There's no rear brake pedal.

The front fender looks KJ-ish, but the forks don't go through the fender. Maybe it's a Harley fender.

The front forks - the rear part looks KJ, but the front part looks maybe Super-X. Maybe a KJ headlight.

The horn looks like an 8C, but it seems short on the back.

The handlebars don't look like either KJ or DeLuxe.

The instrument panel looks like neither also. A little hard to see, but it looks like the speedometer is at the front.

The generator looks like it's on the right side of the motor.

Geez, this is a real head-scratcher...


Found this interesting and thought others might enjoy playing whats wrong with this picture.